bottles.jpgThis morning I was at Wirral’s Licensing Panel to support local residents and the police in opposing two applications in Moreton.

First up was the Oasis Newsagents who had applied to sell alcohol from 6am to 11pm every day of the week.   The Police objected to the application saying the community was already served with off licences in the area, and in particular by Bargain Booze next door but one.    After all the representations had been heard the panel in its wisdom decided to ignore the police advice and grant the premises a licence, but only from 10am to 10pm each day!

Next up was the Royal Taste (formerly known as the Chicken Run).  This application is to allow the premises to stay open until 2am Sunday to Thursday and until 3am Friday and Saturday.   The applicant did not show up for this one, however despite representations from me, a local resident and the police, for the panel to hear the matter in the applicants absence the licensing panel deferred the matter to another meeeting on February 26th

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