Round up

Thursday morning I represented residents at a Licensing Hearing, whilst we did not get exactly what we wanted, did reach an amicable compromise.    Thursday evening helped with canvassing in Liscard.

Friday delivered letters to homes in Moreton regarding the planning applications made by the Grange Pub, and Anderton Concrete and also delivered letters to the Carr Lane area informing the residents of the outcome of the licensing hearing.   Friday evening attended the Moreton Baptist Church for the Hope 08 launch.

Saturday morning delivered our latest Community Newsline ‘Living Here’, afternoon and evening some very rare family time.

This morning met up with my colleagues, Cllr Simon Mountney and Cllr Suzanne Moseley to deliver 600+ ‘Living Here’ Newslines to homes in our communities, also joined by Ian and Simon (fylde), thanks guys.   We all had Coffee and Breakfast in Hels Kitchen when we finished.

Rest of today, after a bit of shopping with my wife Sandra, I will be replying to my postbag!

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