Car Park – Brunsfield Close

web-fencing-brunsfield-car-park-nov-07.jpgFollowing weeks of me and my colleague Suzanne Moseley talking to the Council about the state of the car park in Brunsfield Close, we were finally informed it was owned by Barratt Homes.   Barratt Homes however said that it was local residents who were responsible for the maintenance of the car park!

After another couple of weeks talking to Barratts, and pointing out that local residents disputed their statement, Barratts have fenced off the car park to make it ‘safe’, whilst they determine just who is responsible for the upkeep

Whilst i am happy to thank Barratts for adopting a sensible attitude towards this, I would implore them to bite the bullet and pay for the resurfacing of the car park.   After all they are a multi million pound company, £5k is but a small ripple in the oceans of their finances.