T-Mobile Mast blunder chaos continues

mast-erected-002.jpgFURTHER CONFUSION and errors have been found at T-Mobile’s controversial phone mast at Hoylake Road, Moreton. 

Following requests by Cllr. Chris Blakeley, Wirral’s Planning Officers visited the site and checked the new mast against the original plans submitted by the company.

The checks revealed that the mast is taller; it is not in the right position and the associated cabinet equipment is also bigger and in the wrong location. 

Cllr. Blakeley said: “This is unbelievable.  After all that has happened with this mast you would think T-Mobile would have learned their lesson. 

“They had the nerve to call the police when we organised a peaceful protest and now we find they are the ones breaking the law by installing a mast and equipment that they don’t have permission for.

If someone builds an extension to their home that is different from the original plans, the Council takes enforcement action.  The same action must be taken against T-Mobile.” 

Wirral’s planning officers confirmed to Cllr. Blakeley that the survey of the site by T Mobile was inaccurate and that there are also discrepancies between T-Mobile’s dimensions on the plans for the size of the cabinets.  The Department has now written to T Mobile demanding an explanation. 

Cllr. Blakeley added: “It’s a pity they didn’t write to T-Mobile originally when their original plan was refused.  If they had, this saga would never have happened.”

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