Moreton Health Park – Update

Councillor Chris Blakeley has recently been in communication with the people planning the new GP centre on Pasture Road.  Four existing GP surgeries in Moreton will be moving here. 

After lobbying by Chris and the Team, the developer has agreed verbally to pay for a road safety scheme at the junction of Maryland Lane Pasture Road. 

Halsall Lloyd Partnership Architects have been instructed to prepare a planning application for the development of Moreton Health Park on the open space behind the existing ambulance station on Pasture Road, Moreton. 

As part of the planning process and in line with the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement, all the residents within 200m of the open space will be consulted on the loss of open space with a leaflet explaining the proposal including text and plans of the proposed Health Park and a pre-paid postcard to return with comments.

As part of the planning application an assessment of the impact of the loss of open space has been undertaken and the report will be available for public viewing at the four medical practices in the area and at the Public Library on Pasture Road.

What do you think of this proposal?   Let me have your views by leaving a comment on this site or email me at

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