Flytipping on the increase?


Since the introduction of the fortnightly green bin collection many residents of Moreton have raised concerns with me about the amount of household waste in black bags that  that to be appearing in all sorts of locations.

Cllr Chris Blakeley said, “Until the introduction of the new waste collection services it used to be predominantly unscrupulous businesses who used to carry out flytipping, now it appears that many residents have resorted to this unacceptable behaviuor. 

Apart from the known ‘hotspots’ for flytipping people are now starting to see black bags of household rubbish deposited in Council Waste Bins, left at the roadside and dumped anywhere people think they can get away with it.

“It is the responsibility of businesses and individulas to remove their rubbish responsibly and not to dump it in a convenient place to them.   Fly tipping is an offence and I hope the Council will not hesitate to prosecute businesses or individuals who commit this environmental crime”, added Chris.

Do you know of an area that is plagued with flytipping?  If you do contact Chris by clicking here or leave a comment on this site.

Home Curfew Chaos!

_38975151_prisonertag203.jpgIt has been revealed that the home detention scheme for criminals is in disarray.   The scheme introduced by the Government to ease overcrowding in prisons is being abused by those who are released which puts the criminals at liberty to reoffend. 

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Let’s Get Moving – Measure 29b

logo.jpgThis afternoon, in my capacity as a Merseytravel Board Member I attended the offical launch of the Lets Get Moving Project at Croxteth Hall.

A total of £3mllion has been given to Merseytravel from the EU Objective One programme to help fund the project, the first project of its kind in the UK.

The project is providing funding to give people who live in Merseyside’s ‘Pathways’ communities, which are areas of severe social and economic deprivation, greater access to opportunities, training and jobs, as well as vital community servicessuch as education and health.

If you want to find out further information on this, and other Merseytravel services click here

Can you help with the Red Cross flood appeal?


The British Red Cross has launched an appeal to raise money for flood victims.  Its wants to raise funds for the most vulnerable individuals and communities hit by the floods.  The charity has said it will work with communities, local authorities and the Government to ensure that aid goes to those most in need.

If you can donate, please do so by logging onto : or by calling 0845 0547200

New push for Town Meadow Rail Station

station.jpgTHE ACTION TEAM is making a renewed push to persuade Merseytravel that we need a new railway station between Moreton and Meols. 

Cllr Chris Blakeley, who has recently been appointed to the Board of Merseytravel said,  “We’re seeing new stations popping up elsewhere.  It’s about time we looked again at the lack of public transport in this area too.”

Must somebody be serioulsy injured or worse?


THATS what I am asking the Council’s Highways Department said Cllr Chris Blakeley.

Chris has been asking the Council to take action to improve road safety on Town Meadow Lane near to the juction of Wastdale Drive.  Cars park on the bend in Town Meadow Lane outside the flats simply beacuse there is nowhere else for residents or visitors to park, however parking at this location compromises road safety because vehicles struggle to see oncoming traffic regardless of which direction they are travelling.

Chris said, “there have been many near misses at this location with cars and other vehicles mounting the pavements to avoid collisions.   Only yesterday a bus travelling toward Maryland Lane mounted the pavement and ‘took out’ the bus shelter ripping off the canopy and smashing the glass.  Thankfully no one was waiting at the stop and no pedestrians were in the immediate area.”  (The shelter and cars parked on the bend is pictured above)

“This area is one of the most mentioned when I talk with residents, they are all concerned that one day there will be a very serious accident, yesterdays incident simply supports that view.   It’s time the Council listened and took action to resolve this issue”, added Chris 

T-Mobile respond

Earlier this week me, Suzanne and Simon sent a letter to the Manager Director of T-Mobile UK asking, that in view of the total opposition to both telephone mast applications in Moreton that he withdraw T-Mobiles intention to erect a mast on Hoylake Road for which they have ‘Deemed Permission’ as a result of Council Officers errors.

I have just received a response from Richard Owens, on behalf of the MD (clearly the MD would not lower himself to respond personally?).  Anyway its clear from the response that T-Mobile have no intention of listening and in fact have confirmed that they will be erecting the mast on Hoylake Road.