Phone masts error, ‘We want a public independent enquiry’

photomedium110.jpgAT last nights public meeting to look into what went wrong with the councils systems that allowed four mobile mast applications to be ‘Deemed Approved’ because of the Councils failure to notify the applicant that they had been refused, residents called for an independent enquiry to take place.

My colleague Cllr Lesley Rennie said, “I find it difficult to comprehend that of all the notices that were sent out informing applicants of refusals and approvals the only ones missed and forgotten about were for four telephone masts, all submitted by Daly International on behalf of T Mobile.”    She went on, “I will be asking the Councils Chief Executive to consider bringing in the Police, if, during, or at the conclusion of his enquiry he believes that any malpractice has taken place.”

Cllr Chris Blakeley said, “Whatever the final outcome to the enquiry we are still faced with a situation that gives T Mobile what appears to be a ‘Win Win’ situation.  Because of the failures of the Council T Mobile will either get, permission to erect their mast at the original location on Hoylake Road, or at the alternative location in Holt Avenue. 

I would urge as many people as possible to attend Wirral’s Planning Committee on the 12th July to oppose these alternative applications.  I believe we must continue to oppose both T Mobile and the Council to stop these masts being erected.  

The planning meting to determine the four applications including the one in Moreton will be held at Wallasey Town Hall on THURSDAY 12th JULY, 2007, commencing at 6pm and is OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC