13 Labour Councillors force Mersey Tunnel rise through!

Earlier this afternoon I went along to the glistening Headquarters of Merseytravel No 1 Mann Island to attend the Authorities annual budget meeting which also discussed the cost of Mersey Tunnel Tolls.

After a 40 minute(ish) debate, much of it made political by Labour attacking the Government a resolution moved by Wirral Conservative Councillor and seconded by Sefton Lib Dem John Dodd to freeze the tolls at existing levels and look at options for reducing tolls for fast tag user was defeated 13 votes to 5 and a mtion movede by the Authority Chairman was put to increase cash payable tolls by 10p for Class 1, 20p for Class 2, 30p for Class 3 and 40p for Class 4 vehicles, whilst freezing the costs for fast tag users was forced through by 13 Labour Councillors from Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens and Sefton.

I was particulary disappointed especially as when asked a question of freezing tolls the section 151 Finance Officer said the impact on the budget could be absorbed from reserves!! So no increase was necessary.

I would urge all regular users of whatever class who are not on fast tag to sign up for it before the increase on April 1st this year

Sadly Merseytravels Cash Cow continues to fleece motorists because of the Labour sponsored and supported Mersey Tunnels Act 2004 – It really is time it was repealed

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