Great Work Councillor Lewis

photoOver the last seven weeks I and many others from across the UK have been working flat out to ‘Bring Back Ian’

Ian was a Councillor for Leasowe and Moreton East 2008-2012 losing his seat in May, however he remained involved working with resident groups etc across the ward.

Following the sad death of sitting Councillor Anne McCardle a by-election was called and Ian quite rightly was selected by hundreds of people across the ward to fight the seat for the Local Conservatives, Labour knowing they had a tough fight on their hands parachuted in local comeddiene and actress Pauline Daniels, hoping that her profile would help them hold onto the seat! How wrong they were…..

On the night of the count, Labours election agent said to me we have won easy! You can imagine the look on his and his Labour buddies faces when the ballot boxes were opened and it was clear Ian was in front, eventually winning with a substantial majority of 265 with over a 15% swing Labour to Conservative. The Labour group did not have egg on their faces it was a massive omellete!

It was an absolute pleasure to help Ian regain this seat and give the people of Leasowe and Moreton East a tremendous Community Champion!

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