Millhouse Pub Site – Planning Appeal

DEVELOPERS Galliford Try have lodged an appeal six months after their proposals for 38 apartments to be built at the site of the Millhouse pub in Millhouse Lane, Moreton , were thrown out unanimously by councillors during a meeting of Wirral’s planning committee last October.

Galliford Try have asked for the appeal to be conducted through an exchange of correspondence however I have asked for a public hearing of the appeal to be held locally.

I fully expected the applicant to submit an appeal. It was clear during the planning process the applicant had no interest in local peoples’ views and they just wanted permission to build this monstrosity that would not fit in with the existing street scene.

What is important now is that the appeal is heard in the public arena and we have asked planning officers to make representation to the Inspectorate to request this matter is heard in the public arena.  This really is too important a matter to be determined by a faceless bureaucrat based in Bristol.

While an appeal has been submitted as of yet no start date or inspector have been appointed as the Planning Inspectorate has a backlog.    As soon as I have more information I will make sure everyone who lives in the area and who magnificently opposed the planning application are informed.

Akbor’s – Coming Soon!

A huge welcome to Akbor’s ‘Authentically’ India Restaurant opening soon near to Moreton Cross at 226, Hoylake Road.

It really is important that we support local businesses to ensure the town we live in is vibrant with a great mix of shops to satisfy everybody’s needs.  Every empty shop is a sign of a failing town and as a local Councillor I want our town to succeed.

Yes I know we have our share of problems with parking, public transport, however I will continue to do all I can to make our Town the place that people want to come and shop, have a meal or simply enjoy a beer.

Tradition or Waste?

Tomorrow see’s Wirral Council meeting for the first time after the local elections. Tomorrows business is the election of the Mayor of Wirral and the Deputy Mayor of Wirral and comes with all the usual pomp and ceremony and of course the associated costs….

Now surely given the Labour Council are always pleading poverty, the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor should be simple affairs carried out in the Council Chamber and not in the civic hall with guests and buffet provided?

Anyway as a Councillor it is incumbent of me to attend Council and I will duly do so, but I wont be taking a guest or participating in the post installation celebrations or the buffet.   This is not a slight on the Mayor or his deputy, whose positions I have the greatest respect for, no it is simply me practising what I am preaching………….

Dust and Noise Nuisance


Residents living near the former brickworks on Carr Lane, Moreton, have contacted the Council following an increase in noise and dust from the site.

The increase in pollution coincides with talks taking place between the owners of the site and the Town Hall over its future use.

There has been an increase in activity at the site recently but there has been no explanation offered to residents. I have asked the Council’s Environmental Health and Planning Officers to meet with residents and to check whether existing regulations are being followed before we start to look at further uses for the site.

Located in the Green Belt between Moreton and Meols, the site was used many years ago to extract clay for making bricks. Since then, new homes have been built nearby, between Millhouse Lane and Carr Lane.

Local resident Alan Moore said: “We’ve all noticed an increase in activity on site – noise from heavy equipment and dust on cars, windows! Garden furniture etc.   We’re asking the Council to work with us to find out what’s going on and to tackle these issues.”

I’M Back

After three years of not blogging I have decided its time to come back and use this medium as a way of making sure readers are kept fully informed about issues in Moreton and Saughall Massie, as well as using it to hold the Labour dominated Council to account………

Profit Before People!

Earlier this week i learned that Arriva was to increase child fares in April from the current half adult fare to two thirds adult fare, blaming the reduction of the Government Bus Services Operators Grant (BSOG), this will put something between 30p to 40p on the currentr fare.

This to me is the most cynical ploy of a huge company who simply want to satisfy their shareholders without any regard to the struggling hard pressed families.      The Government announced the cut in BSOG in 2010 giving the bus companies 18 months to prepare for this, and when it was announced the bus companies said they would be able to absorb the cost, is this what they call absorbing?

Back in 2007 when Merseytravel removed a £2.7 million subsidy to support child fares, the then MD of Arriva in the North refused to increase child fares to make up the money, recognising the difficulties it would place on families, sadly he is no longer with us and the current people in charge obviously dont have his sense of community and simply see their shareholders as the be all and end all.     And all this at a time when we should all be looking at childrens concessionary fares

I sincerely hope the other bus companies don’t follow Arrivas lead.    Shame on you Arriva!

Mast Attack!

In the last couple of days I have received two pre-application consultation documents from MONO Consultants acting on behalf of Vodafone and O2, both relating to the installation of Masts and ancillary equipment, one on Saughall Massie Road (location depicted below) and today for a mast on Hoylake Road at the Shell Garage site.      

Thats around six applications for masts in Moreton over the last 12 months, up to now only one has been approved!

While these are not planning applications, it is usual for a pre-app consultation to be followed within a couple of weeks with a planning application, regardless of any comments made.     Watch this space.